Seamless Seas | Casa de Mar a Cielo

“This house stirs the soul every time I enter. Once inside, it’s a different world. The light, smell of salt air, watching the weather move in and out, and water sounds are unforgettable.” -Owner

A breathtaking transplant from Europe just moved to the Tacoma area and is on the market. No! It’s been here all along. It just seems too exotic. This property is surprisingly local. Just forty-five minutes to downtown Seattle and thirty minutes to the airport, this property promises to be a perfect getaway everyday. Watch the sailboats pass from the panoramic patios or hook up your own rig with the included moorage and yacht club nearby. This home isn’t just an investment. It’s an experience. Our seller insisted that broker Joanmarie Curran stay for a weekend (jealous!) just to make sure she understood the atmosphere. The bathroom stones massage the feet; the vintage lighting features are from Pantages Theater (1918); the 1931 Spanish mission stucco surround the place with timeless elegance. Casa Mar a Cielo is brought to view by Realogics Sotheby’s International Realty.

 “Everything is about timing and timing comes from good flow, integration of spaces, and spreading the load. The kitchens! Yes, two complimentary rooms. Why? Multitasking. Everyone gathers in the kitchen. Get your beverage, clean crabs, or have o’doeuvers without interfering with the cook(s) and still be part of the conversation.” -Broker Joanmarie Curran with Realogics Sotheby’s International Realty

“Luxury privacy permeates every feature of the home, very intentionally. Nothing interfers with the sheer pleasure of savoring time graciously lived. It is no accident that the views are at eye level from every vantage point. Wake up to a sunrise while lying in a bed that suspends you over the water. This house is full of mood at all times of the day. Try dancing on heated travertine floors as the moon comes up over the water.” -Owner