Puget Sound Market Trends & 2015 Year in Review

Dear Clients and Friends,

Our inaugural annual report is completed. It is the most comprehensive report in our industry and ground breaking in both the scope and depth of its coverage; I am very excited to offer this valuable information to you as part of my commitment to provide resources that allow you to make well informed decisions in these important matters of home, lifestyle and neighborhood.

It did take a village to compile this report but well worth the time and effort. The link to the entire report is below. It is an exploration of seven key counties of Western Washington as well as 29 neighborhoods.

See what's going on in your neighborhood as well as what macroeconomic trends and primary demand drivers are influencing our regional real estate market. In addition, it explores the micro markets that vary greatly from neighborhood to neighborhood, making each unique.

Please contact me directly at joanmarie@joanmarie.com or 206.915.4885 if you would like a PDF file of the entire report.or any specific section.

As always, I welcome your questions and comments; they are all good ones!

Warmest regards,