With over fifteen years experience in the purchasing and remodeling of Tuscan properties, Joanmarie Curran is uniquely situated to make your Tuscan adventure a reality.

I offer personalized concierge real estate services, both residential and vacation, for experiences that exceed expectations. The beginning was simple. 15 years ago my soul found a place in Tuscany. Then came the education through experience. First was the challenge of successfully finding, financing, negotiating and understanding the nuances involved in the purchase of my piece of paradise. 

Next came assembling the contractors for an extensive restoration, managing the remodeling project, coordinating an international move and furnishing the home. Finally, I developed an invaluable network of trusted local professionals, community resources, service providers and regional artisans. Earlier passions for Italian culture and lifestyle were now augmented by a thorough education in making a real estate dream become a living reality. 

Let my experience work for you. Because I have become so intimately familiar with this region over the years, I can help you find the right place and advise you on making the right choices for you to cherish your time in Tuscany.