geography of home

Over the years my focus in real estate has become increasingly centered upon the relationship of person to place. The “Geography of Home” is an exploration of that relationship, a look at the external features of community and the internal features within houses. These form the landscapes in the spaces we call “home.” 

How do we find and create these spaces and what do we want them to add to our lives? What is the sense of place within the walls and within the connection to the neighborhood? What does lifestyle look like when it is in action? In the end, the privacy and heart we seek in our homes, these deeply personal and luxurious qualities, are a reflection of who we are. Each house tells its story with a distinct voice to which we bring our experiences and the comfort of our personal histories. 

Each neighborhood has a personality composed of welcoming amenities and dynamic interactions. Lifestyle becomes a sensory expansion of our time, memories and dreams realized within these spaces. What a wonderful exploration! 

Allow me to be a resource guide in answering the question, “What does it feel like to live here?"